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Artists and the Specter of Spec Work

From the Artist’s Desk… At some point, every artist asks the same dreaded question: “Should I work for free?”  There’s entire websites devoted to the question of spec work (my favorite being Movements like AntiSpec and No!Spec are gaining traction among the artistic/design communities. “Spec(ulative) work is a cancer with the design industry and

What is Your Vision of Happiness?

Attaining Happiness: Vision and Discomfort Happiness means different things to different people but the common thread is gratitude and perspective. Why is it that two people placed in the same situation with the same resources can yield very different outcomes in a few years. It all comes down to the internal vision and their ability

The Western Example

Common among the comparisons made by medical missionaries are their stories of the many degenerative diseases common to modern Western culture but practically nonexistent in communities eating traditional foods. Nauru, a small Pacific island only twelve miles around, neatly underscores the differences between the Third World and the West.  In 1952 the Island’s natives had

A man’s home is his castle

It is a widely held fact that “a man’s home is his castle” – even if he does not live in an actual castle.  Faith Hill sang about it, so you’d best believe it.  We all know what she gets like when she doesn’t get what she wants. While castles themselves are often littered with

Pitfalls When Turning Passion Into Profit

For most of us, our daily happiness is to a large extent determined by how much we enjoy what we do for a living. Making a living doing what we love, is a dream or a goal for many of us. What I want to write about today, though, has everything to do with keeping

What Really Happens on Broadway

Is there such a thing as a creative corporation? Of course. Like the Googleplex. They’re notorious for offering employees flex time, projects with creative control, a fun campus, and eye-candy. But there’s a difference between a corporation that is creative, and a creative industry run by a corporation. I just left my position at a

What is ADL Tube

I’m really a huge fan of ADL Tube, the ADL300G Stereo Tube from Anthony DeMaria Laboratories. Now who is Anthony DeMaria? Anthony DeMaria Labs (also named ADL) is a modest-sized producer of audio equipment that specializes in vacuum tube-based components furnishing its equipment to the most significant brands in the audio business. But actually I

Audio Watermarking Software

Turn on your TV or radio, or just walk through the local mall and listen. Broadcast sound is everywhere. It is deliberately and painstakingly designed to induce laughter, to make you feel good and linger just a little longer while adding yet another item to your shopping cart or making a mental note to dash

Music Sharing for Today’s Parents

When was the last time one of your kids (or you, for that matter), bought a music CD? A month ago, six months ago, a couple years ago? Over the past couple of years, more and more of us are turning to digital music and away from CDs – a trend led by our youth.