What must an Entrepreneur assume when Starting a Business?

Without a doubt, the one element in that separates the truly successful from everyone else is their habits! Ask yourself a question… does everything I do in any given day create positive results? Am I the lean entrepreneur I want to be? What must an Entrepreneur assume when Starting a Business? More importantly, if you

Meditation Art

The key thing is that everyone should come to a meditation session with open attitudes, attitudes that are truly innocent. By this, I mean attitudes that are not biased by the past, by things you’ve heard about what meditation is all about through media, through culture, or through religious or spiritual traditions. Mediation Art should

Early Action vs Early Decision

To say I’m on a self-help journey is the understatement of the year (how can I say this when the year’s just begun…?). Anyway, this post is about Early Action vs Early Decision. About six months ago there was this book I randomly pulled off the library shelf called The Soft Addiction Solution. Even though the book

Self Doubt Synonym

When you’re submerged in self-doubt, you feel as though you’re the only one in the world who’s ever come face to face with the demons of uncertainty. You can share this self-doubt, or any self-doubt synonym, with a friend or spouse, but you’re essentially alone, alone to work through it, to come to a resolution

Action Poses – Okay, but where’s the action?

Two basic rules are important when you try the method of “Getting Things Done”. It’s not only about your Action Poses, but To Get Things Done. So where’s the action? Let’s look at Action Poses – Okay, but where’s the action? You are responsible for gathering all loose ends. You need to decide what the

Students Conferences

In my opinion, if one is in library school (but not only then!), no matter their interests, whether they may study archives, public, law, health science, academic, or music librarianship, it is absolutely imperative to go to student conferences. Any conference, really! I have had many library professionals tell me this for a number of

Emotionally Drained? Avoid a Burnout

If you feel emotionally drained you are not alone. It’s a symptom of a fatal burnout and it happens to many of us. How can I reinvigorate my career and avoid a burnout? So this post is about Emotionally Drained? Avoid a Burnout. Variations on this question arise all the time, yet paradoxically are not

Artists and the Specter of Spec Work

From the Artist’s Desk… At some point, every artist asks the same dreaded question: “Should I work for free?”  There’s entire websites devoted to the question of spec work (my favorite being shouldiworkforfree.com). Movements like AntiSpec and No! Spec works are gaining traction among the artistic/design communities. “Spec(ulative) work is a cancer with the design industry

In Deep Ecology, through what means is Happiness gained?

Attaining Happiness: Vision and Discomfort Happiness means different things to different people but the common thread is gratitude and perspective. Why is it that two people placed in the same situation with the same resources can yield very different outcomes in a few years. So let’s see, also in deep ecology, through what means is

The Western Example

Common among the comparisons made by medical missionaries are their stories of the many degenerative diseases common to modern Western culture but practically nonexistent in communities eating traditional foods. This post is about the Western Example. Nauru, a small Pacific island only twelve miles around, neatly underscores the differences between the Third World and the