You’re not the only one who’s got that so-called “one thing”

One Direction – One Thing….. as we danced around her kitchen to one direction’s “one thing” my dear friend pointed out, “isn’t it kind of creepy that five guys are singing this to one girl?!” the fact is, that it’s actually incredibly creepy. but yet, we’re so “immune” to just how strange, awkward and inappropriate this

Music Review Monday: Ceremonials

Just when you thought that “Dog Days Are Over” was getting tired and overdone – they’re back, and even better. Unless you live under a rock, or are completely ignorant to modern pop culture – you have heard of Florence Welch. More commonly known as the driving force of Florence & the Machine, or in

Just Saying Thank You

I spent last week getting over the plague.  It was a slow recovery, but here I am!  Alive!  I can breath through my nose, and I can hear through my ears.  Life’s pretty good. But you know how sometimes you just need an ego boost more than anything else in the whole world?  I needed

Celebrating a day of productivity

I had seven things on my white board as my to-do list for today. I dealt with all of them. This doesn’t mean they’re all actually DONE – I have to wait to hear back from people on some of them – but action was taken on each item and I moved forward. I can’t

My obsession with luxury watches

I need to admit, I always wanted to buy one of these high-end, luxury watches. So I learned a lot about them and here are my tips for you. If you always wanted to own a high end watch but never really could decide what you are looking for, here are some helpful tips: First,

In which I exit stage left

For the last two-plus weeks I’ve really been struggling over whether or not to keep blogging. I’ve flip-flopped back and forth so many times, driving Dave, who has always been a staunch supporter of my blog, absolutely crazy. I had a touch of blogger burnout and I just didn’t feel like blogging, and I got

Must Have In Your Music Collection

PRINCE Prince and I had a love thing going for years. When it comes to relationships, especially with a true soul mate, isn’t quality of time more important than quantity? We most recently communed last autumn, but unfortunately that over now….What touched me most about his shows was the intimacy. Even though often staged in

Me Like Old Country Music?

I was home this weekend for mud volleyball (we won 1, lost 2 by the way) and yesterday my dad was listening to some old country music and I realized how many of the songs I know and LOVE. There were/are some great country musicians with some amazing songs. He got 4 new CD’s so

Great Albums

Check out my understanding of Great Albums. Jimi Hendrix – Are You Experienced Jimi Hendrix is an artist that evokes a lot of emotion in me. It’s like I can feel what he was feeling through his music – I’ve always been awestruck by his raw, natural talent. I discovered this album in high school

Improve Your Diet To Help Prevent Yeast Infections

Nearly everyone has the yeast, Candida Albicans, living in some part of their body. This usually causes no problems at all, your body’s immune system and plenty of beneficial bacteria keep the yeast population at a low level, and it does not do any harm. The problem occurs when a disruption of the natural defenses