What must an Entrepreneur assume when Starting a Business?

Without a doubt, the one element in that separates the truly successful from everyone else is their habits! Ask yourself a question… does everything I do in any given day create positive results? Am I the lean entrepreneur I want to be? What must an Entrepreneur assume when Starting a Business? More importantly, if you break down all the activities in a day, what do those activities result in?

I want to introduce you to a system that will help you rate your daily activities and see if your habits are helping or hurting you! This is a formula that the select few, top earners have mastered and you need to learn. Lean entrepreneurship is what it takes to be competitive and successful in today’s challenging world with all its rapidly changing technological developments.

Completely Useless Activities. These are daily activities that not only earn you $0, but they will also actually cost you money. Entrepreneurs in any industry, not just Internet and Network Marketing, absolutely can’t afford to spend any time here.

These would involve: constant email activity, needlessly worrying about things that are simply out of your control, forget about action poses and switch to real action, spending useless time in social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube…), and my favorite – ANY TV!

Low Dollar Per/Hour Activities. These are the real basic daily tasks that anyone could do for $10-$15/hour. Things like: bookkeeping, minor technical tasks, running errands, filing paperwork, making spreadsheets or word docs… secretarial tasks. Make sure to come to the right decisions. The key is to get your brain thinking only about the tasks that actually put money in your bank!

High-Value Activities. Now we are starting to get into the tasks you actually will need to perform and that will have a direct result of putting money in the bank. Entrepreneurs for habits for these income-producing tasks like prospecting, specific lead generating marketing, reaching out to potential partners, managing the various campaigns, etc. Be aware, though, that when you’re emotionally drained, a fatal burnout may be what you’re heading for so take care!

These activities are general tasks that if you outsourced may cost $60 – $125 / hour. Now you can see how your time is getting more valuable, right? You may still be doing some of the busy work but this kind of work actually results in cash in the bank!

Life Time Value Activities. Eventually, this is where you as a successful entrepreneur want to spend all your time, energy and effort. These are the activities that will take your business into the realm of success. Already as a student, you should explore your options in the world by, for example, visiting conferences. At this level your habits should involve activities that: allow you to build relationships with future partners, educating yourself and building your value, developing your team and recruiting top talent, developing yourself with better emotional awareness through, for example, meditation, improving your energy and strength to allow you to operate on a very advanced level!

By now you are seeing that the habits you form are critical to how you can accomplish tasks that deliver the results you want. When just starting out you should determine where your skills are and what activities you can do to produce results… everything else, outsource!

As you progress your habits, tasks, and activities will change so be aware of where you are going. Always be teaching yourself to develop skills that expand your value, spend time building key relationships that will help you leverage your business, and create a team of much smarter people around you!

I promise you that if you take the next 30 days to form the success habits and implement them daily, try to get from self-doubt to self-renewal, casting off any temptation for the old, useless habits, your life will change forever!