Me Like Old Country Music?

I was home this weekend for mud volleyball (we won 1, lost 2 by the way) and yesterday my dad was listening to some old country music and I realized how many of the songs I know and LOVE. There were/are some great country musicians with some amazing songs.

He got 4 new CD’s so I’m gonna burn the songs I like on a CD. Let’s face it, for every good song back then, there were 5-10 more that were not so good, at least in my opinion.

I’ve developed a new found respect for: Conway Twitty, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline ♥, Loretta Lynn, and Johnny Cash ♥ I keep listening to the songs over and over again wondering how I could have missed some of these classics. Some recommendations?

  • Hello, Darlin’ – Conway Twitty
  • Bye Bye Love – The Everly Brothers
  • Crazy – Patsy Cline
  • I Go Walkin’ After Midnight – Patsy Cline
  • Mama Tried – Merle Haggard
  • I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash
  • Jackson – Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash

Just to name a few. C’mon, even if you don’t think you’ll like them, just give a listen. I promise, it won’t hurt!


I think I need to reiterate how much I despise the Army. Not the Army itself but the bureaucracy of it all. They literally make me sick.

Brandon is supposed to be coming home (see this post) in around a month, for good, right? Well, I guess now there are a bunch of rumors that they are getting deployed and who knows what else. He told me this last night and I just bawled. I can’t DO THIS anymore.

I can’t prepare myself for one thing and then have them turn around and completely change everything. Its like riding a roller coaster. I feel like I’m bipolar. One day I’m happy as can be and the next, I’m depressed.

I don’t know how much more I can take of it. I really don’t. I can take being away from him, just barely, but I can do it because I know he’s coming home to me one day. I just can’t take the heartbreak every time they get me excited about something and then rip it away from me. I feel like they are taunting me.

I’ve gained 10-15 pounds since we’ve been together and I think its all due to the stress of this life I’m living now. I’ve tried to lose the weight by eating healthier and exercising but I’ve seen little results.

I drink zero pop, only water and juice, almost no junk food (c’mon everyone needs some chocolate or sugar once in a while) and still nothing. Its not very encouraging.

I can definitely see why some military people just go crazy one day and snap. I’m almost to that point. And as much as I’m complaining right now,

I would never even dream of getting out of the relationship because we’re so happy together. He is my world, my everything and a part of me would die without him in my life at all.

So what is the point of this rant, blowing off steam, I suppose. If anyone can relate at all, please comment! Let off some steam, vent to me, I’m listening!


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