Interview with Mc Jin part 2

But one day, all of a sudden, things changed. Jin got a telephone call that changed his life completely. He found a path that he had never thought he would go during his years as a dreaming high school but, performing countless times on BET, or committing to his recording studio work with Ruff Ryder.

The call came from Hong Kong, the city where his parents grew up and emigrated from. It was, in fact, this telephone call that helped him realize that there was something more essential than fame and stardom, someone, far greater than yourself.

Jin was invited to visit Hong Kong, and in 2008 he released his first Cantonese record but only locally. Jin thought that before he would go back home, he would be in Hong Kong for only a few months, but he stayed only to return back to New York last year. In the years in between, many things changed. Jin became religious, got married and became the father of a healthy child.

Jin says “in 2008 I thought I was going to be there no more than three or four months, release a record and maybe make some money, and then go back to New York.,” Well, at first it was half a year, then it became one year, and it was actually for a period of three and a half years that I was in Hong Kong.”

In the United States, Jin had become forgotten, but what happened to Jin in Hong Kong was literally straight and full-blown fame and fortune. Jin’s Cantonese album called ABC (American Born Chinese), released in 2008 only locally by Universal Music Hong Kong, very soon became platinum, and the road to glory was wide open again. Jin not only recorded music, but he also played in movies, appeared in television shows, and got a lot of hosting jobs. All and all, a period of very productive opportunities.

Jin continues: “What I did not realize at that time was that God was really doing good things inside of me through a sort of meditation“. He discovered that, from the very start, God guided him by bringing people into his life who showed him the right direction.

At the end of 2010 Jin had become fully devoted to following Jesus Christ. For the very first time in his life, Jin had become part of an exciting church community. Jin says: “It happened actually during the last two years, and by the end of 2010 I began to see something really amazing going on.

I guess it was only my reaction to certain details God was doing with my life. By this time I began to realize what the word gratitude stands for, and what grace means, the love of the Lord. The real change came after self-doubt led to self-renewal and when I started responding to the things that God did with me.

I see a lot of similarities to Jin in myself. Recently I also found my chance, I apply for the GED scholarship and I am looking for a bright future.

Responding in a way that I started embracing this”. Jin continues: “I began truly dedicating much of my energy and time into the pleasure of pleasing God. I wanted to learn about God, wanted to serve him and grow into him”. Jin was beginning to develop a healthy church life, and this was prior to Hong Kong absolutely nonexistent.

Although Jin’s life and worldview had changed 180 degrees, he still was serious about returning to New York City. In 2001 he married Carol, and she became pregnant with Chance, their lovely baby boy, who was born in exactly the same month that Jin celebrated his 30th birthday. He also talked about ways to avoid a fatal burnout when you’re emotionally drained.

After he came back from Hong Kong, where he stayed for almost four years, MC Jin really had an exciting year. Jin appeared at some of the major Christian Hip-Hop’s festivals (Legacy Conference in Chicago and Flavor Fest in Tampa), and success seems to have come is way again. He played well in the BET 106 and did a gig at Park Freestyle Friday Hall of Fame Cypher. Additionally, he released a free venture under the title ‘Crazy Love Ridiculous Faith’, and worked with people like of Da T.R.U.T.H, R-Swift, Swoope, The Ambassador, and Bizzle.

To contribute to his listing of achievements he just recently made a great appearance in a significant movie made by Quentin Tarantino named “The Man with the Iron Fist”. This is a film about a modest village blacksmith who wants to protect himself and the other villagers from a gang of warriors and an insane English soldier. The movie was directed by RZA who performed in the renowned Hip-Hop band Wu-Tang Clan, and one of the main characters, “Jack Knife”, was played by Oscar-winning actor Russel Crowe. Another important role was performed by Lucy Liu who played Madam Blossom in the film, and Jin played the role of Chan in the film.

Jin knows Hollywood very well and he appeared in a number of motion pictures which includes the hit film “2 Fast 2 Furious”. It’s fantastic to see him perform in a role that represents Christian believers in the secular domain, and “The Man with the Iron Fist” is now showing in theaters across the nation. Nowadays, we can see numerous Christian artists performing roles in movie pictures. Recently we have seen Sho Baraka, J’son, and T-Bone made their appearances in movies. We just can’t wait for the next Christian rapper to perform in a motion picture.

Jin says: “The entire past experience has been quite challenging, in a positive way, in my exercise with Christ. The Lord really chose the whole process of this undertaking (making the film, getting the role of Chan, the production of the movie and the process of releasing and promoting the film) to really open my eyes in terms of where I now stand and to let me discover what my real beliefs are.

Soon we can see him playing in the new movie,  Revenge of the Green Dragons, a true immigrant story set against the vibrant backdrop of Flushing, NY in the ’80s and ’90s.