Kings of Leon at Vector Arena

Holy jizz-in-my-pants, last night was amazing, epic, brilliant, beautiful, magnificent and marvelous, among other things! My nephew and I had such a great time singing along, dancing, screaming, clapping, jumping and all that one should do a concert of such high caliber.

Kings of Leon are a truly brilliant band who are what I consider to be one of the best live acts of my generation. They appeal to a vast range of people and, as last night’s crowd attested, everyone had an awesome time. I have not been a part of a crowd as enthusiastic and who sung as much, since I saw Red Hot Chili Peppers in 2002, and even then the Chili Pepper’s crowd wasn’t quite like the Kings’ one.

There were not many songs last night that the audience didn’t participate in, and even for the songs that are less familiar there were still those hardcore fans everywhere (like myself) who knew every damn word and made sure to scream it like we meant it, ’cause we did.

It is needless to say that during ‘Sex On Fire’ it was difficult to hear the band singing over the chorus from the crowd. I think almost every single person at Vector Arena was singing it, and even then anyone who wasn’t screaming it was singing under their breath. I don’t think I have ever experienced that at a concert before. When we all sung along to the more well-known songs, especially the latest singles, I got goosebumps from the sheer passion everyone was exuding. It still gives me goosebumps thinking about it and I feel so lucky to have been there and been a part of a show I will, without a doubt, remember forever.

The band themselves were in great form and Caleb, the singer/guitarist, was chatty with the crowd. I love it when there is interaction with the crowd. He kept saying how great an audience we were, which, I suppose, he says at all shows, however, I choose to believe that he meant it when he said it was one of the best shows they’ve done all tour. We were a fucking great crowd and we lapped everything up like cult followers but in a less weird, we’ll-be-back-to-normal-after way.

I was very impressed with the setlist (though I can’t find it listed anywhere online yet): they played songs from all the albums, and they played ‘Closer’ and ‘Molly’s Chambers’ which are two of my all-time favorite tracks. No ‘Arizona’ but that’s ok because at the end of the day there isn’t one Kings of Leon song I don’t, at the very least, like, so whatever was given to us was fine with me.

The opening band was The Stills and they’re from Montreal, Canada. I had no idea who was opening before I went to the show so it was a surprise, and a pretty nice one, too. Although I am not familiar with their music they were quite enjoyable and there was this one song with the most epic drumming in it. I want to find their setlist so I can find that song!

The only thing about the entire night that I was not so pleased with was our seating. We were on the back bleachers, though at a nice medium height, but I would have preferred being closer to the stage. It was extremely difficult to get any decent camera footage with being that far back, but it’s not a big deal and once they came on stage I couldn’t care less where I was as long as I could dance and sing and dance some more, which I did. I’ve never danced like that at a concert before; I’ve either been too squashed or too shy to, but last night, after about three songs, I said to myself, F*** it, this is Kings of f***ing Leon, self, stop with the bobbing and throw yourself around!! So I did.

I wish like hell I can see them again before they leave the country but all their other shows are sold out, and rightly so. I hope that if you’re going to see them, you enjoy yourself as much as I did!

Anyway, here’s a photo I took. See, bad quality.