The Western Example

Common among the comparisons made by medical missionaries are their stories of the many degenerative diseases common to modern Western culture but practically nonexistent in communities eating traditional foods. This post is about the Western Example.

Nauru, a small Pacific island only twelve miles around, neatly underscores the differences between the Third World and the West. In 1952 the Island’s natives had little degenerative diseases such as diabetes and heart trouble. Then, large deposits of phosphates were discovered there, and the people, next to the oil-rich Arabs, became the richest in the world.

As they became affluent they adopted Western lifestyles, and before long, 40 percent of the population over age twenty was diabetic. Obesity is now rampant. They now have appendicitis, are expected to develop coronary heart disease, and gallstones also are in prospect.

If you are a philosopher of sorts, you know there are at least two ways to look at living. Some call the first, “altruistic.” It is living for the future, for others. The second is today commonly called “narcissistic.” It is living only for the here and now, self-centered, indifferent to others.

The attitude of the first is “To heaven with me!” and the second beckons you elsewhere. While the results may be delayed, they are as certain as life and death, heaven and hell. And a lack of knowledge is no excuse when the information is available.

The warning, “My people [God’s people] are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6), is as physical as it is spiritual. Many otherwise godly people are finding out too late that these two cannot be separated without risk.

Modern Pauls

This has special meaning for Christians–and for many Muslims and Jews–for we know that the closer we get to heaven, the more heavenlike our lifestyle will be. Like the apostle Paul, whether he eats or drinks or whatever he does, his first concern is the glory of God (I Cor. 10:31).

His diet will be as near as possible to heaven’s diet, his thirst will be quenched by things he will likely find in the New Earth. His daily health plan will be one which builds his body.

We do not offer comfortable, indulgent words, partial truths that go only halfway for fear of colliding with convention. With the help of God and highly qualified internists, health educators, preventive medicine specialist, and nearly fifty years of unusually successful family health, we offer whole truth, logical truth, clinically and scientifically supported truth.

Take care that you do not confuse these truths with conventional living, and turn from them because they are not what most people do.  We know that this sounds bold. We also know it works because we have tried it.

If you are determined to be logical, read on. If you happily adopt the program it suggests, we are certain your life will be much richer and more nearly disease-free. If you are not interested in common sense in health, nor willing to make even some of the necessary changes, you will be uncomfortable here. This book will be a pain. Put it down.

Dr. Milton G. Crane, a specialist in hypertension and for many years a teacher in a major medical university, was another physician who, like Dr. Burkitt, became a tap turner. He asked himself a hard question: “What should you do when you know what is causing premature death in over half of your patients and are convinced that you know the cure?” He answered this question by leaving the medical school to enter the full-time practice of preventive medicine.

Dr. Crane now administers the widely known lifestyle change program at Weimar Institute east of Sacramento in Weimar, California. The institute is establishing records in arresting or reversing such degenerative diseases as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, atherosclerosis, and is helping many in weight control. In his conservative way and for medical reasons, however, he makes no claims regarding cancer, some of his patients claim remarkable results.

Dr. Crane and his staff of physician specialists, physical therapists, nurses, and other personnel follow all the divine laws described in this book, not diet alone. Yet he singles out animal products and refined foods as the main factors that cause degenerative diseases.

Life Style or Death Style

In assessing what really determines health, these physicians are finding that total lifestyle has a greater influence than heredity, environment, and medical science all put together. Recent estimates suggest that the various influences run about like this: Medical 10 percent, Heredity 21 percent, Environment 16 percent, Lifestyle 53 percent.

Your lifestyle–or death style–is simply the way you live, and the way you live will determine the kind of health you have. This has been demonstrated by epidemiologic and demographic studies and is often determined by the availability of foods, the social customs of the people, and, most of all, by the degree of “civilization” they have attained. The real meaning of civilization is told by the Bible: about those who would sacrifice present pleasures and those who would not.