What is ADL Tube

I’m really a huge fan of ADL Tube, the ADL300G Stereo Tube from Anthony DeMaria Laboratories. Now who is Anthony DeMaria? Anthony DeMaria Labs (also named ADL) is a modest-sized producer of audio equipment that specializes in vacuum tube-based components furnishing its equipment to the most significant brands in the audio business.

But actually I don’t wish to discuss audio equipment all the time. This weblog is a mixture of my personal things and posting reviews of ADL equipment.

The history of ADL, Anthony DeMaria Labs:

As we’ve said before, you cannot have a lot of compressors, and the level of variety is the essence of gain reduction. Anthony DeMaria Labs is experiencing reinvigorated publicity in Europe and George Shilling states that this box is a delightful, temperamentful package.

DeMaria has been developing audio compressors for over 17 years, and he has gained some reputation as a specialist manufacturer to the insiders who are willing to shell out a little bit more for something extraordinary.

DeMaria’s audio compressors are regularly considered by some great and famous music producers, technicians, recording mixers and artists, specifically in the United States, such as Michael Brauer, Joe Chiccarelli and David Frangioni.

Anthony is an Italian born in Brooklyn and he regularly considers his craft to that of a chef, generating something with his hands. My art is like cooking a fantastic meal for family and friends. He has built his status by hand-building tube audio equipment, replicating classic circuits, and soon he began receiving requests from significant producers like Flood, Neil Dorfsman and Tchad Blake. The most extraordinary gear he produced is a highly-priced re-creation of the vintage Fairchild 670 model. The functionality could not be more simple and easier, with only two switches. You can simply use the Peak Reduction knob to set the level of compression (clockwise is more) and subsequently adjust the output level by using the Gain knob.

Each meter may shift separately between Gain Reduction and Output +4 levels. These big clear meters are outstanding indicators of gain reduction. The additional toggles are for stereo linking, which brings together the two channels’ gain reduction circuits to create a reliable image, and a Power switch On/Off. The absence of a hard-wire bypass (or any bypass switch at all) is slightly annoying if you would like to do a comparison of compressed and uncompressed programs.

Obviously, not all ADL designs are so trend-setting and state-of-the-art. In 2006, a joint venture with PreSonus made high-end tube audio available to thousands of professional and semi-professional studios around the globe. DeMaria says that economy of scale allowed for the creation of the ADL 600. This was the only way that we could offer this product below the magical $2,000 price-point, as they can purchase a connector for a penny while it would cost me a dollar.

Anthony DeMaria is living in New York City, although he once wanted to move to California. But he realized that he couldn’t settle in the LA region. He really couldn’t see himself anywhere else. He says where on earth are you gonna have the greatest food? In Brooklyn!