In Deep Ecology, through what means is Happiness gained?

Attaining Happiness: Vision and Discomfort

Happiness means different things to different people but the common thread is gratitude and perspective. Why is it that two people placed in the same situation with the same resources can yield very different outcomes in a few years. So let’s see, also in deep ecology, through what means is Happiness gained?

It all comes down to the internal vision and their ability to go through the discomfort with a smile. The better that you can alter your vision to make it something that you want to attain the easier that it will be to go through the discomfort that may be necessary to realize this vision.

It starts with a Vision

Life can take you in a direction that you may not want to go if you don’t have a plan or a vision. And that doesn’t only apply to us as all ecologically connected things are affected. By taking the time now to create your vision of the lifestyle that you would like to have and then focusing on obtaining aspects of this lifestyle, you will be able to attain whatever you can envision.

The hardest part is finding a large enough reason to want to change. This can be the stumbling block for most people that say that they’ve tried and failed. Creating a big enough reason or why, will allow you to endure the discomfort that you may face trying to realize your vision in an ecological sense. And don’t be afraid to put off your Western-vision glasses. 

Your vision is just what you would like your life to look and feel like. This could include specific details about a type of car or house or could be just a state of mind but the more concise the vision the easier it will be to achieve. If you have a clear vision and a large enough why all you have to do is learn to embrace the discomfort that will make it possible.

Discomfort doesn’t have to be Miserable

People that achieve goals and athletes that endure backbreaking workouts know that discomfort is required to real their destination. By learning to embrace and reframe the discomfort as a positive that is bringing you closer to your goal you will be able to endure more discomfort for longer. If the discomfort isn’t a problem then you will be able to arrive at your vision that much faster.

You will likely not get to a place where the discomfort is fun or looked forward to but you can endure the task and then reward yourself to encourage a positive feedback cycle. It’s all about how you handle the discomfort and a large enough why will get you through anything, it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable.

Creating a vision will help you to make a plan but you will need motivation to successfully navigate the discomfort and arrive to realize your vision. Start with a meaningful enough reason and you will have all the motivation that you need to create and achieve whatever your vision entails.