You’re not the only one who’s got that so-called “one thing”

One Direction – One Thing…..

as we danced around her kitchen to one direction’s “one thing” my dear friend pointed out, “isn’t it kind of creepy that five guys are singing this to one girl?!”

the fact is, that it’s actually incredibly creepy. but yet, we’re so “immune” to just how strange, awkward and inappropriate this kind of creepy is.

it’s not a reputable source but i like urban dictionary’s definition of creepy: “a slang term for sexually inappropriate or perverted or for attempting to derive sexual gratification through dishonorable means.”

i enjoy a good pop song like the next guy. false. i love pop music. but as i grow deeper in my love for the Lord, and as i’m learning about the importance of protecting my mind and thoughts i’m more attuned to the lyrics i hear or the songs i sing along to.

when we really listen to and decipher the things being sung by 18 year old boys into the ears of often pubescent, love-wrecked, vulnerable, whimsical young ladies [as this is their demographic!], we may be shocked to find that – as the definition of “creepy” suggests – they are manipulative lines fed to young girls largely for his own gratification.

for one, everything said in these lyrics are superficial. the boy saying this stuff is not looking at a girl’s heart; he’s probably preoccupied looking at her chest… or something. what is implied is incredibly physical. all he is asking for is for her to “come into my arms” – i want to feeeeeeeeeeel you, i want to hooooold you, i want to toooouch you.

second, this guy is a baby! he’s so weak! and he admits it a whole bunch of times. it’s funny how this becomes an endearing quality in popstars, because i’d really be concerned if “weakness” and submission was a sought after quality in a prospective male partner… i will break that down further as i am about to rip up these lyrics!

third, what’s being said is so self-seeking. never once does he even say, i want to make you feel special, or to steal a line or two from Justin Bieber, that should be me holding your hand, buying you gifts, and making you laugh.

in “one thing” the whole song is said from the voice of a whiny boy saying, look at me! consider how i’m feeling! think about what you’re doing to me! waaaaaah!

my main concern with songs like this is that girls really do fall for these things!

and i don’t blame you [really, i don’t!]. it’s so nice to be taken notice of and to be “wanted”. the problem though is that when we fall for it as young women we end up feeling worthless, devalued, or stupid.

And what i’m urging is that you would protect yourself from being swayed or attracted to words and persuasions like these! because they are silly, false, inherently selfish, and are ultimately objectifying.

now, let’s critically break down what is being said in these lyrics. i’m not an english major for nothing!

I’ve tried playing it cool — girl, notice me, i’m so needy, and i’m trying so hard here..
But when I’m looking at you — hellllo! i’m looking at you!
I can’t ever be brave — aka: i’m a coward and i won’t die for you coz i only want to touch you
‘Cause you make my heart race — i make up for my cowardice with sweet words of how my heart palpitates rapidly for you

Shot me out of the sky — except you know this is a metaphor, as i’m not actually brave enough to “shoot” out of anything
You’re my kryptonite — oh baby, now i’m going to make reference to superman so you think i’m strong and powerful like him…
You keep making me weak — ….even though i keep telling you i’m not!
Yeah, frozen and can’t breathe — rendering me quite useless actually.

Something’s gotta give now — come on girl, just give in to me
‘Cause I’m dying just to make you see — like, I’M DYING, what don’t you get here
That I need you here with me now — girl, i NEED you. doesn’t that make you feel special? i NEED you.
‘Cause you’ve got that one thing — YOU, baby, you’re the only ONE with that ONE thing. so what if millions of girls listen to this song, only YOU’ve got that ONE thing.

So get out, get out, get out of my head — i keep thinking about you, and i want to take it to the next level k?
And fall into my arms instead — i want to toooouch you, i want to hoooold you, i want to feeeeeeel you
I don’t, I don’t, don’t know what it is — i promise, girl, i’ve never felt this way with anybody else…
But I need that one thing — i NEED what YOU have
And you’ve got that one thing — sure i’ve said this many times before but, really. just YOU. you’re the ONLY one with that ONE thing. promise.

Now I’m climbing the walls — now i`m desperate, you know. i’m getting braver.
But you don’t notice at all — your ignoring me just makes me NEED you more
That I’m going out of my mind — like, OUT of my MIND. before i was dying. now i’m just crazy.
All day and all night — i think about how you make ME feel all the time

Something’s gotta give now — GIVE IN TO ME
‘Cause I’m dying just to know your name — I’M DYING
And I need you here with me now — I NEEEED YOU
‘Cause you’ve got that one thing — SO WHAT IF I’VE TOLD 108,975,090 GIRLS THIS BEFORE I ONLY MEANT IT FOR YOU *insert puppy-dog eyes here*

yes, this is silly. but let’s get real. not all boys, but a lot of boys, actually use these lines on girls. so just equip yourself now with an awareness of it.

you can still enjoy this song all you want, but be a little bit critical. it’s laughable to me [now] just how obviously shallow, desperate, and self-seeking lines and lyrics like these are. you’re so much more than something to be looked at or to be objectified.

remember, man looks at the outside but God looks at the heart [1 Samuel 16:7]. strive to desire someone who wants to know you, not just someone who wants to “toooouch you, hoooold you, feeeeeeel you”.

if he is to really know you – to care about you, to ask you questions, to consider your wants, desires, desires, needs – then he will see your beauty [inside and out] and recognize his need (and his own authentic desire) for your presence and influence in his life!